Andrew was born on a cold January morning in the late seventies to short, hard working, Glaswegian parents.

He began his life in earnest in the small leafy suburban town of Thornbury, nestled in the heart of the west of England, amid rolling hills and agriculture.

As he grew, like most children do, he became aware of his surroundings and realised he wanted to help people. To fight for justice, to seek out evil wherever it raised its ugly head and destroy it, to defend those unable to defend themselves. He decided the best way to achieve this would be by becoming a superhero!

The superhero thing didn’t really work out…………….or did it?

Anyway, now he tries to help people by frequently hugging them and being an actor.

Andrew graduated from Trent Park Middlesex University in 1998 after completing a three year degree in acting, taught by John Wright (Told By An Idiot