Accents & Dialects:

Andrew is a native Bristolian speaker with a good ear for accents and is proficient in the following:

Californian, New York, American-Southern States, Australian, Belfast, Dublin, Birmingham, Cockney, Edinburgh, Glaswedgian, Liverpudlian, Geordie, West Midlands, Russian, Somerset, South African, Welsh, R.P.


Andrew’s primary instrument is guitar, which he plays  to performance standard. He can also play ukulele, mandolin, trumpet and blues harmonica.


Andrew is B.A.S.C.C Advanced level stage combat certified and has choreographed a number of fights for stage.

Andrew has trained various martial arts for over two decades including Tae Kwondo, Tai Chi, Kick Boxing, Lal Gar & Wing Chung Kung Fu, Boxing, Thai Boxing and Capoeria.

Andrew is also trained in gymnastics, acrobatic tumbling, tap, contemporary and street dance.

Andrew can surf, roller blade, roller skate, ice skate, skateboard and juggle to a good standard.


Full clean motorcycle licence.

Full clean car licence up to seven and a half tonnes.

All terrain telescopic forklift licence.